What will you miss if you don’t take Prelims Test series for Civil Services Exam 3

Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019 is approaching, and you must be thinking a lot about effective preparation strategy to get through the objective assessment. At this stage, being a Civil Services aspirant, you must already understand the importance of taking Mock Tests for the Prelims and if you still wonder why you should take one, read this article to understand what you will miss if you don’t take Prelims Test Series for Civil Services Exam.


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  1. Mock Tests help understand the exam pattern & probable questions – UPSC Civil Services Examination is a coveted exam and besides the knowledge of the subjects & designated curriculum, you must also master selection of correct answers within the stipulated time frame to eliminate the chances of negative marking. Familiarity with the exam pattern and the questions is a benefit, mock tests provide and thus, help students also practice probable questions that can be asked in the actual exams. Not attempting Mock Tests, at first place, simply mean keeping yourself devoid of a basic understanding of what you are going to face at the UPSC Civil Services Exam!


  1. Mock Test is the best way to practice the acquired knowledge – Being an extensive examination, curriculum for the Civil Services Examination is a wide ocean of knowledge to learn from and thus, aspirants must study a lot of in-depth topics, as is relevant for the exam. Prelims Test series for UPSC 2019 will play a crucial role here and help you practice the acquired knowledge for the examination, in an exam-stimulated The more questions you’ve already solved, more you are eliminating the chances for negative marking at the objective stage. And this Prelims Test Series’ practice is something that simply cannot be missed!


For instance, Chanakya IAS Academy is providing 30 Tests (25 GS + 05 CSAT), with an extensive coverage of nearly 2800 high-quality multiple-choice questions. You will be provided with a detailed explanation of each question to help to brush your knowledge base and gauge your competence level while also understanding the dynamics of UPSC Prelims exam. Encounter with questions from such an extensive test series will sure help you suffice the purpose. Looking for details about Chanakya’s Prelims Tests? Click here!


  1. Master the art of eliminating wrong options – Being an objective stage, where you must choose from the given choices, solving a good number of questions, will help you learn the art of eliminating wrong options and go ahead with the most probable answers. This will help you save time and select the right answer for the questions. But remember, this can be only mastered with a regular practice of Mock Tests and there will be no short-cut to the same because eliminating wrong options is never as easy as it sounds! Only enough practice can help you learn the art! It is a necessity!


  1. Assess ground preparation & mental readiness for the actual exam – One of the major roles of an IAS Test Series in your Civil Services Exam preparation, is learning to assess your preparation on critical grounds with the answer keys and explanation by the subject experts. Mock Tests, unlike other tests & exams, are the best way to give in your best of acquired knowledge and get an immediate response to how you have performed. It also helps you rectify the weak areas and work on improving the same, within time! Importance of solving Mock Tests for Civil Services Prelims Exam goes unparalleled, due to such benefits of it!

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Apart from the above-mentioned points, that one thing you will surely miss if you don’t enrol for the Prelims Test Series –

  1. Intelligent preparation boosts confidence – Civil Services Examination, being toughest exams of India, cannot be risked on any grounds. And Confidence is the key to overcome any such shortcoming. Intelligent preparation always boosts one’s confidence to excel in all spheres of life and solving Prelims test series, in this case, is the finest parts of a dedicated students’ smart preparation strategy. When you are prepared well and are sure of how you are supposed to answer the given questions, you will automatically develop a sense of confidence, which will help you in each stage of this highly competitive examination. Now that makes taking up a Test Series crucial and must to enrol for.

Always remember that Prelims stage of the Civil Services Examination is the first fence standing between you and your Civil Services dream. Post Prelims, you still have the extensive Mains stage and the decisive Interviews to prepare for. Hence, staying on the safer side of the fence with a strong hand on the given curriculum is simply a smart strategy to crack India’s toughest Civil Services Examination. Here, at this stage specifically, after having an idea of how Mock Tests can help you boost your preparation, make sure you enrol for the best option and effectively utilise it in your favour!

‘The harder you work for something, the greater you feel when you achieve it!’ 

Good Luck!

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