What will you lose if you do not opt for coaching for Civil Services Exam preparation? 2

Aspirants aiming at the mother of all the exams in India, Civil Services examination, are always up with one question, ‘Why is it important to go for coaching for Civil Services?’ We’d suggest you ask yourself the other way around – what will you lose if you don’t go for coaching for IAS Exam preparation? We all are very well aware of the pros and cons of preparing at home; pros could be we save cost, we save travel time, we get the freedom to set our own timetable and prepare at own comfort and style, but there are many cons too which not every, but most of the aspirants face during the preparation. And that one of the biggest cons is lack of direction, guidance and an approach to cover the vast syllabus concisely. Let’s discuss this in detail!

Note – This article is in the pure spirit of benefitting those dedicated aspirants who are ready to consider both the options, with an open mind, and decide what is best for them.

For aspirants, having zero knowledge about this exam, taking a decision of Preparing by self, purely relying on UPSC Syllabus could be an audacious decision as this is not an ordinary exam but one of the most competitive exam lakhs of aspirants aim for every year. The above statement nowhere says that the exam cannot be cleared with self-study, as we have many examples in front of us who have cleared the exam well without taking any coaching for Civil Services. But all we are trying to make you understand here is, that it all depends upon person to person; for some self-study could do well provided they have some prior knowledge about the exam, right plan, right approach and the right person to guide them. But those, having no knowledge about the exam, do not have any guide, should not blindly get into this, rather must opt for a coaching program and study what is actually relevant for the exam.

There are certain waters, you must not enter without an expert who knows the winds and can control the sail, in the worst of the storms. Admit it – Civil Services Examination preparation is a rough terrain and you must hold hands of a true Mentor, who will not let go, come-what-may!

Consider following points, which we think you will be left out with if you don’t opt for coaching for Civil Services-

  1. Experienced Guidance: Coaching for Civil Services Examination, on the first hand, is opted for an experienced guidance from Industry Experts, mentors, and Now, this obviously you will not get with self-preparation. In-fact self-study will also deprive you of the peer group access which is easy to maintain through studying at coaching institutions.
  2. A chance to personally meet Toppers and successful candidates: Institutions and academies providing tuitions for Civil Services Examination are most approached for getting to meet toppers and other successful candidates from Civil Services Examination. Here, a few questions, you may want to ask yourself –
  3. How come these toppers are associated with the academies? Let us inform you that no academy fakes their results and no honest candidate charges the academy to address a session with the aspirants. That so happens because that topper or successful candidate has studied some subject or course from the academy and they are only repaying the gratitude through guiding the budding Civil Aspirants with their tips and experiences.
  4. Why do toppers and successful candidates address students, majorly through Academies? Probably because IAS coaching institutions attract the maximum number of serious candidates aspiring for Civil Services Examination, and therefore, toppers get a platform to guide hundreds of serious aspirants at one place.

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  1. Why do academies regularly organize seminars, discussions and interactive sessions with successful candidates? To our understanding, a student will be able to learn better with someone who is almost of their age, has recently experienced similar panic and still managed to conquer it all. Toppers add to the positive motivation, which is must for an IAS aspirant, in their preparation journey for the most competitive Civil Services Examination.

Self-study deprives you of such insightful interactions as well!

  1. Enriching group discussions: Teachers, mentors and subject experts at these academies and coaching institutions regularly organize group discussions and interactive sessions in the classroom. This is done, with an aim to provide students with a platform to share their views and discuss topics of local, National or International importance, in regard to the Civil Services Exam preparation. Such discussions allow students to listen to views of other people involved in the discussion and develop an all-around approach towards the subject. Self-preparation robs you of this opportunity to participate in healthy classroom discussions.
  2. Personalised Time Management: A true mentor will always guide their students in lieu of developing and maintaining a personalized timetable and abide by it. A well planned, personalized timetable will not just help you complete your desired targets of study chunks in a set time-frame but also give you sufficient time to revise the entire syllabus, in due course of time. This you can do yourself through self-study, but a mentor will ensure you don’t deviate from your targets.
  3. Focused preparation strategy: Teachers at the IAS coaching institutions ensure helping students with a focused preparation strategy, for each and every subject with the most relevant and sorted information in the right direction to take the preparation ahead with.
  4. Relevant Study Material, regular tests & assessment: Coaching institutions for Civil Services exam preparation have a dedicated team of experts and academicians to research for the best study material that must be provided to aspirants, in order to save their time, searching for it all by themselves. Every coaching for Civil Services provides their own study material for static subjects, current affairs round-ups, etc. Students, on a regular basis, are tested upon their preparation and readiness for the exam, through classroom tests, solving previous paper sessions and Mock Tests. Even Interview Guidance Programs are available at the coaching for IAS Exam. And later a detailed answer report is provided to the students to rectify their weak areas and work upon the same. What adds to this is that teachers are available, round the clock, for any doubts, queries, etc. Now isn’t it too much you are missing upon with self-preparation?
  5. Regular study sessions: Civil Services Examination preparation is a dedicated journey to the glorious Civil Services, which requires regularity and zealous attitude towards the entire course. And it is the moral duty of an institution to help you maintain that. Self-study can let you get easy on yourself, which for such a prestigious examination, will not be a good idea, isn’t it?
  6. Constant Motivation – the needed thrust: As we have constantly been mentioning that aspiring for Civil Services is not an easy game, if it is truly your dream, you must maintain a constant inward flow of motivation and thrust towards maximizing your efforts to achieve your dream job. A true mentor will do that for you!

We will now leave you with a choice of making a wise decision for yourself! Make your efforts count, for it’s the end result that will count! 

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