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‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’ – MK Gandhi

Civil Services is a coveted dream, which despite being a complete society-based Administrative service, is aspired by lakhs of candidates, every year. But the real catch is preparing for this one of the most difficult examinations! In this era of complete digitalisation, everything has gone virtual and so has the education industry. You talk about anything from the scratch to the mountains of information, it is all available online. But when it comes to the authenticity of these study sources, it is very tough to judge which website or course material is genuine, and what is merely a sales pitch curtained behind the so-called educational information. Nothing can be risked for the coveted exams like the Civil Services, for, you simply cannot fall into this pool of random information and lose out on your precious time only judging what is right and what not! But why worry when you are aid! Read about top YouTube channels for Civil Services Exam preparation in this article and find all your answers in one go!

The top YouTube channels for Civil Services Exam preparation channels have been listed in regard to their content quality, relevance to the Civil Services Exam and authenticity –
  1. Rajya Sabha TVOfficial channel of the upper house of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha, RSTV is one of the best sources of information on important topics and issues discussed at this house of the Indian Parliament. It airs various debates, governmental schemes related programs, interviews with notable personalities and ministers, and video programs like Samvidhan, which is a window into the Indian Constitution. RSTV also provides video segments like Policy watch, Political theatre, Talking History, Science monitor, India’s world, Security Scan, etc., that are a must watch civil services aspirants to understand social and political issues in depth, while also listening to the expert’s comments and opinions over the same. Watching debates and other above-mentioned shows on RSTV will help prepare for the Interview Stage of the exam. YouTube channel for RSTV holds a huge membership of around 1.5 million subscribers.
  2. Lok Sabha TV Lok Sabha TV (LSTV) is the official channel of Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament. LSTV is one of best sources of information, for, aspirants can view live proceedings of the lower house, apart from its video shows that relate to the crucial issues like concerns of the Indian Nationals, Social issues, economic matters, etc. LSTV also airs regular debates and discussions on important topics of National & International Importance. Aspirants can also get to watch some intriguing films and documentaries on social topics, which is again a must watch for Civil Services aspirants. YouTube Channel for LSTV has around 330K subscribers, at present.
  3. Chanakya IAS Academy – Academy’s YouTube channel is again one of the most informative sources of preparation for Civil Services aspirants. Their Channel is loaded with video playlists of Toppers Talks, Mock Interviews, Preparation Strategy by the successful candidates and toppers, and a lot more. Students can also watch seminar videos of the founder and director of the Chanakya IAS Academy, Success Guru AK Mishra, which are highly informative and motivational, at the same time.

Along with this, students can also watch Mock Interviews of successful candidates, for which the academy is highly trusted, on their YouTube Channel. With over 25 years of excellence, the academy which has given more than 4000 Civil Servants to the nation, has been working diligently towards providing students with practical and relevant preparation tips through their blogs, videos, seminar and other social media platforms. Their YouTube channel, with around 264K subscribers, is a value-added platform for the Civil Services aspirants to benefit from.

  1. egyankoshIGNOUOperated by Indira Gandhi National Open University, egyankoshIGNOU hosts discussions and subjective lectures by experts, with an aim to provide relevant and quality education to all the segments of our society. Candidates, through this platform, will get to develop an in-depth understanding of different issues regarding local, national and international importance, separately. egyankoshIGNOU is again an important channel for aspirants aiming at Civil Services Exam, especially with the optional subjects like Public Administration and History. Their YouTube Channel has around 40K subscribers, at present.
  2. PIB India – Press Information Bureau is the official agency to disseminate important official information pieces and updates from the Government of India. Their channel on YouTube covers live launches of governmental programs & schemes, Press Briefs, video programs on Governmental Schemes, etc. Civil Services aspirants are suggested to refer to this platform for all the important and authentic updates from Government of India. PIB India’s YouTube Channel currently hosts around 191K subscribers.
  3. Jagran Josh Run by the Jagran Group, the Jagran Josh YouTube Channel, with around 49K subscribers, is the best platform to learn about the current affairs for Civil Services Examination preparation. Besides, the platform also provides tailored videos to suit the preparation needs of the Civil Services aspirants, along with one-on-one discussions with the successful candidates and toppers. Jagran josh’s YouTube channel also serves students with preparation tips and strategies for Civil Services Examination, along with detailed analysis of all the high-quality they are providing at their platform.

Apart from these 6 top YouTube Channels for Civil Services Exam preparation, students must also watch a few selective shows on channels like –

  1. Pradhanmantri by ABP News
  2. Firepower – Defending India & Special Operations India on History TV India
  3. CEC-UGC’s YouTube channel for certain topics for subjects like History, Geography, Philosophy, etc.
  4. Economist Magazine’s YouTube Channel for economic matters and updates
  5. BBC News updates for important updates of National & International importance

With this list in hand, if you are able to give in not more than 1 hour of your day, to watch relevant videos in these channels, we are sure of your success at India’ toughest Civil Services Examination. Make sure you don’t get lost anymore in the pool of information available online and make the best of these most-authentic sources!

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