Top IAS Coaching Institutes on the basis of UPSC 2016 Result 4

There are several factors that can determine the efficiency of a Top IAS coaching institutes, but nothing works better than the result. Our subject matter experts have compiled a list of IAS coaching institute on the basis of CSE 2016 Result, and the result is surprisingly unsurprising.


To conclude with a list of top IAS Coaching Institutes, one must understand that candidates, for their various requirements and through their years of journey, while preparing for UPSC, get associated with multiple institutes. We also acknowledge that every institute gets famous for a specific feature, and since no platform can provide a complete solution, it’s totally reasonable to utilize various institutes for their strong features.

For e.g. – Vajiram & Ravi is famous for GS, Chanakya IAS Academy for their Interview program, Vision IAS for their test series and so on.

Also, you might encounter various institutes claiming same candidates, while there could be an exaggeration and a false claim, there are equal chances that it’s true.

We have intentionally stuck to the stats of official websites of various IAS coaching institutes and their claimed selections, for, there is no formal study to authenticate these claims, and it could be readily crosschecked.

Here are our Top 5 selections of IAS Coaching Institutes as per the UPSC 2016 Result;

Rank 1: Vajiram & Ravi – 500+ Selections, 7 in top 10

Rank 2: Chanakya IAS Academy – 434+ Selections, 4 in Top 10

Rank 3: Vision IAS 70+ Selections in Top 100, 6 in Top 10

Rank 4: Khan Study Group 300 + Selection, 3 in Top 10

Rank 5: Shankar IAS Academy – 102+ Selections, 0 in Top 10


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Happy Preparations to all of you.

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