Top 50 Editorials from ‘The Hindu’ newspaper that you must read for IAS preparation 2

All the Civil Services aspirants must be well abreast of the fact that Current Affairs are a crucial part of Civil Services Exam Preparation. But aspirants, due to lack of right knowledge or guidance, often keep hovering above the pool of open-ended news pieces, whereas, a smart preparation requires only relevant knowledge as per UPSC point of view. Therefore, students first of all need to have good grasp on the syllabus, and must know the area of knowledge which UPSC covers and want candidates to have sound knowledge about. This list of top 50 editorials for IAS 2018 preparation will help you get a fair idea about what kind of News should be read while preparing for Civil Services Exam

The syllabus of UPSC is divided into two parts, Dynamic and Static. The static portion expects the candidates to have strong knowledge base on various subjects like history, geography, public administration, etc.; while on the other Hand, dynamic part expects the candidates to have knowledge about the current events associated with those subjects and in general.

The static part can still be covered with NCERTs and some standard books, (although studying relevant material is advisable here too) but to cover the dynamic part, one must know what exactly to be read in the Newspapers & Magazines and which part of News or editorials UPSC expects the candidates to be well aware of. Therefore, we have prepared an extensive list of 50 top Editorials published in ‘The Hindu’ since May 2017 onwards which are extremely important for both Civil services Prelims and Mains Exam 2018. And since Prelims 2018 is just 2 months away, students are advised to have a quick look at these top 50 editorials for IAS Preparation, make important pointers and get ready to frame answers for the questions on these lines.

  1. Testing exam: restoring trust in the CBSE exam process
  2. Curbing the Khaps
  3. Russia, a rogue nation?
  4. Rising risks — on Fed rate hike
  5. A first step — on NDA govt.’s Ayushman Bharat
  6. Curbing misuse: on SC ruling on the anti-atrocities law
  7. E-way bills redux: next step for GST Council
  8. Power games: on AAP’s relationship with the bureaucracy in Delhi
  9. Old friends: on India-Iran bilateral ties
  10. A deeper malady: on PNB fraud case
  11. Gem of a scam: On PNB fraud
  12. No discrimination: on health insurance in India
  13. Woods and trees: On the state of Indian forests
  14. States of health: On NITI Aayog’s first Health Index
  15. Cease fire: on India-Pakistan LoC tensions
  16. Economic Survey: Cautious optimism
  17. The money trail: on the need for investor awareness on cryptocurrencies
  18. On the line: on India-China boundary talks
  19. Missing the pulse: on policies for farmers
  20. Rights & wrongs — on Transgender Persons Bill
  21. Bit of a bubble? — on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies
  22. Hit refresh: on the slashed GST rates
  23. Capital crisis: on Delhi’s deteriorating air quality
  24. Flip-flop on terror: On Hafiz Saeed
  25. Benefit of doubt — on Aarushi murder case probe and trial
  26. The arc to Tokyo: on India-Japan ties
  27. Time for caution – on India’s current account deficit
  28. Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech: Future perfect?
  29. Inquiry into Jayalalithaa’s death: Politics of probe
  30. On SEBI’s trade restrictions: A hasty order
  31. Prison and privilege: On favourable exemptions to Sasikala in jail
  32. Target Section 377: On decriminalising gay sex
  33. Anarchy in Panchkula: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s conviction
  34. Lessons not learnt: On swine flu
  35. Undoing injustice: On instant triple talaaq verdict
  36. Towards a clean-up: on meeting sanitation goals
  37. Slow injustice: on Hyderabad blast case verdict
  38. Price of rapacity: On SC rules against illegal mining
  39. A half-done reform: On LPG subsidy
  40. Washed out: On the floods in eastern and western India
  41. For a hygienic track – CAG report on Railways
  42. Midnight makeover: adoption of GST
  43. Warm in Washington: Modi in U.S.
  44. No time to work: On Child Labour Act
  45. Monsoon’s here: on the need to make the most of a good rainfall
  46. Zika cases in India: A shocking cover-up
  47. Bail or jail: on bail law reforms
  48. Abolishing FIPB: Red tape herring?
  49. Held at ransom: on the recent ransomware attacks
  50. National health policy 2017: A road map for health

Good Luck for your UPSC Exam preparation and do not miss to practice Prelims Mock Test Papers and previous year question papers to get a fair idea of questions pattern.


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