Top 5 Coaching in Delhi for Civil Services preparation 3

India is a land of diversities and cultures. But what overflows amidst this interesting medley is a pool of talent, for which Indians are known across the globe. However, to sustain and nurture this talent and utilise the same for benefit of mankind, youth in India must be coached and trained in the right direction. Undoubtedly a well-trained youth, when focused towards a dedicated goal will furnish unparalleled results, and if the efforts are in direction of Civil Services, nothing matches the fruits sincere efforts! So, for all the resolute students aspiring for Civil Services as their career choice, we have compiled for you a list of true mentors who will hold your hand throughout your preparation journey, and even after, in the best of their interest! Here are Top 5 Coaching in Delhi for Civil Services preparation!


  1. Chanakya IAS Academy

Founded in 1993 by the vision and toil of Mr AK Mishra, Founder & Chairman, Chanakya IAS Academy has been relentlessly working towards helping students realise their dreams to get into Indian Administrative Services. For past 25 successful years, the academy has had their name in providing one of the most relevant guidance and inculcating Administrators from amidst a regular aspirant. Apart from this, their students are said to have developed a serious competitive attitude to successfully carry forward their positive and progressive actions even during their duties as a Civil Servant. Quality teaching and individual attention are the hallmarks of the academy, and with torchbearer like Success Guru AK Mishra, the academy is not willing to look back at any given time!

USP’s of Chanakya IAS Academy –

  1. With 25 years of excellence and over 4000 successful Civil Servants, the academy has definitely enlisted itself in the name of ‘most trusted IAS Coaching in India’.
  2. Success Guru AK Mishra and his motivational seminars/workshops/events ensure that the hidden administrators from within you get an awakening!
  3. The academy houses seasoned faculty members and subject experts who coach students to succeed in the Civil Services Examination.
  4. Regular workshops and events with civil servants and experts in soft skills are also organised to help you think, feel and express like administrators.
  5. Chanakya IAS Academy provides one of the most comprehensively designed Test Series for both the Prelims & Mains Stage of the Civil Services Examination. You are sure to get a strong hold on answer writing and also strengthen the weak areas with their detailed answer analysis for the same.
  6. You must join them for the Mock Interviews! They are at par on this point! Retired IAS Officers and other Subject Experts are all set to grill your capacities and help you master every inch of your personality!
  7. The academy holds both regular and weekend batches for all the English and Hindi Medium students, while also providing them with state-of-the-art infrastructure and library facility.


  1. Drishti IAS

Founded on November 1st, 1999, Drishti – The Vision Foundation was incepted with the objective of providing the Civil Services aspirants with useful, qualitative and updated teaching facility and study material. The UPSC coaching has set high standards for teaching in Optional Subjects, Essay along with General Studies and CSAT. Drishti IAS, within a very less time, had developed a loyal trust base amidst Civil Services aspirants and continues to do so for past 19 years.

USP’s of Drishti IAS –

  1. Drishti IAS has a monumental presence in Delhi
  2. A very well framed test series, Drishti IAS’s Mock test covers from some crucial subjects and topics.
  3. Stimulating classroom environment and infrastructure for students to provide students with a decent learning environment.
  4. Drishti IAS Academy also houses a team of field experts as their faculty members to help students get the most relevant education and training
  5. Drishti IAS also provides regular and weekend batches
  6. Faculty as the Drishti IAS organises regular classroom discussions and Tests to keep assessing students’ level of preparation.
  7. Students, especially the ones opting Civil Services from Hindi Medium prefer turning towards the academy. Although, academic excellence, for the institution, is strong for both Language Mediums.
  1. Sriram IAS

With their prodigious presence in Delhi, Sriram IAS is one of the leading institutes for Civil Services Examination preparation. The academy has been toiling successfully for past 3 decades to be the Centre of excellence with a mission of developing ethical future leaders. You can join them to prepare for GS in the most effective manner.

USP’s of Sriram IAS –

  1. Personal attention is their key USP
  2. Sriram IAS’s mission is to develop innovative and ethical future leaders
  3. Sriram IAS offers flexible adaptive learning system for the Civil Services Aspirants
  4. They are constantly revising their Study material to provide better learning opportunities for their students.
  5. Test Series and Evaluations based strictly on UPSC pattern
  6. The academy offers Expert Support & Guidance for all the students
  7. GS preparation for the Civil Services Exam preparation is the key.
  1. Dhyeya IAS

Committed to focusing on an overall development of a student with the right competitive attitude towards Civil Services Examination preparation, Dhyeya IAS is not just another name in the list of some trusted institutions for CSE preparation. Guiding students in the right direction with a focused approach with quality teaching and impromptu assistance, the academy makes it a genuine choice for dedicated CSE aspirants. Dhyeya IAS also aids students with economic barriers and other challenges.

USP’s of Dhyeya IAS –

  1. Face-to-face & Live streaming centres across India makes Dhyeya IAS an obvious choice for Civil Services Aspirants!
  2. Dhyeya offers all the relevant study sources for the aspirants, to help them focus on studying rather than book-hunting.
  3. The academy also houses a team of experts and seasoned faculties.
  4. Dhyeya IAS is again providing one of the most relevant test series for aspirants to learn from.
  5. Student-teacher bonding is another highlight their students often talk about
  6. Alike other IAS academies, Dhyeya IAS too have their WhatsApp groups to reach out to students with all the relevant information and learning material.
  7. Separate batches for Hindi Medium students make Dhyeya IAS, one of the most opted choices for Civil Services aspirants.


  1. Insights IAS

Another feather in the hat of trusted IAS Academies in Delhi, Insights IAS is a name every aspirant knows about. In their journey of transforming the lives of civil services aspirants, the academy, under the guidance of the Director of the Academy Prof. S. BALIYAN and other mosaics of experts, has given more than 200 successful candidates to the Civil Services fraternity.

USP’s of Insights IAS –

  1. Insights has one of the most well-structured course curricula for developing a conceptual understanding of every subject.
  2. The academy provides students with a concise study material for every subject to stay in close proximity with only the most relevant information.
  3. Faculty and team of experts at the Insights ensure an overall development of students for all the 3 stages of the Civil Services Examination.
  4. Insights IAS also provides a well-formulated Test Series for both the prelims and mains stage.
  5. Alike other IAS academies, Insights also provides students with regular and weekend batches.
  6. Their study material and informative blogs are readily available on their website to benefit not just their in-house but other aspirants as well.
  7. With the teaching methods, Insights has sure made a strong presence in the list of IAS academies.

Now that you have the best of the lot in your knowledge, make a very wise pick! For, only a true mentor will lead you to the heights of Success, by holding your hand throughout the tough journey!


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