Secrets that make Civil Services Coaching a must experience for aspirants 2

Civil Services Examination has always been one of the most speculated exams in India. Be it about the examination pattern, Paper evaluation or the authenticity of the civil services coaching institutes, students are sceptical about every inch of external factors affecting their ranks. However, unlike other competitive examinations, Civil Services Exam holds its own prestige and value making it a default and coveted choice. With a large number of dedicated minds aspiring to be Civil Servants, it becomes the need of the hour to address these speculations and that is what we are targeting in this article. We will address for you the most debated question, i.e. Secrets that make Civil Services Coaching a must experience for aspirants.

Secrets that make Civil Services Coaching a must experience for aspirants –

  1. Rich & Experienced Guidance – Coaching institutions are the best place to seek rich and experienced guidance from Subject Matter Experts over all the dimensions of Civil Services Examination. Starting from understanding the 3 extensive stages of preparing for each of them, both individually and with an integrated approach. A true mentor will not just guide you but also make sure that the path you are embarking upon is the right-most choice for you, and you keep walking until you have touched the mark of Success. That is what an experienced coach does to you, secretly, with time and sessions.
  2. Inculcate pre-requisite Administrative traits individually – Now, this factor comes as a priority while choosing the right academy for your purpose. Coaching institutions are meant to guide your journey in an entirety of academic support, but in the case of Civil Services Examination, there is a hidden mission, that only a true mentor will take up. That mission is to prepare and polish every candidate, individually, with refined Administrative traits that they must have before being allotted an extremely responsible Service. For purposes like these, an academy which is giving to its students more than just the academic content and guidance, like motivational sessions, peer interactions, and similar opportunities must be chosen. Not many academies in India take up to provide such sessions on a regular basis, but one name that comes to our mind here is Chanakya IAS Academy, who regularly organizes Motivational Seminars, Inspirational camps, rich interactive sessions, peer group discussions, teleshows like Success Speaks with CSE toppers, etc. The secret reason behind organising so many events, lectures, discussions and shows is simply to provide aspirants with maximum opportunities of getting their daily dose of motivation and inspiration to walk on the path of their dreams and even dare to achieve it. Their YouTube channel is full of such meaningful videos and sessions.
  3. Academic support from field experts and peer group – Obvious to its meaning, a decent coaching academy will provide the right kind of academic support to its students in every possible means. Students may think that this is what the academies are being paid for, but honestly, it takes a real mission to run educational institutions. Not every person can effectively be as authentic, throughout, as they were when they had initiated the journey to disseminate real education to those who seek it. Thus, providing real guidance with the help of field experts and peer group is what a real academy will provide you and you must grasp the same in the similar light.
  4. Ease of access to books, libraries and other crucial resources – Coaching institutions are always the best source of authentic books, libraries and study resources. One can easily find the most recommended sources of information and rather the most accurate ones with an ease of access as per their requirement and need. The only reason to be decked up with these resources is to allow students an access to the ocean of knowledge, at one place, without having to search for the same in the vast pool of information sources.
  5. Coaching Institutions strengthen your foundation – Regular classroom sessions and other study modules help students strengthen their knowledge base for all the subjects and also understand the core demand of UPSC’s Civil Services Examination pattern.
  6. Promotes introspection – Mere studying of a topic will never suffice the purpose until the students have learnt the art of introspection and start observing the importance and usage of each subject in the real-life scenarios. This is one secret mission an academy will always work upon! Empower you with the needful knowledge and develop the art of introspection in you.
  7. Regular writing practice – This is one ‘not-so-hidden’ mission a Civil Services coaching has on their agenda. To make you perfect at expressing yourself through your answers with regular writing practice and constant checks to keep you improvising.
  8. Mock Tests & Interview Guidance – Preparing for one of the most competitive exams in India is not an easy nut to crack and thus the importance of assessing oneself at regular intervals hold utmost importance. Solving Mock Tests and Interview Guidance programs are a part of a regular curriculum and help students assess their ground preparation while also rectifying their strengths and weaknesses to be worked upon. This is something no academy will shout out load but aims at helping you get better with.
  9. Doubt-clearing sessions and warding off unnecessary myths – Civil Services Examination has a vast syllabus and it is so obvious to get students drowned in the pool of confusions and doubts. What adds to the misery is prevailing myths but unsuccessful candidates and negative elements who could never succeed and ended up creating hurdles for those who deserve to taste the sweet fruits of success. And thus, academies keep organising doubt clearing sessions with serving officers and retired bureaucrats to help students get off their burdens in this regard.
  10. Benefits from the Classroom discussions & debates – Classroom discussions and debates are the best part of joining a coaching for Civil Services Exam preparation. Such talks and discussions not just help students boost their confidence by keeping their point of view but also helps them understand different perspectives and views from various individuals and develop a balanced opinion over the topics of National and International importance.
  11. Always work in strict regard with UPSC’s pattern of examination and evaluation – Civil Services coaching institutions will always ensure that they are in strict regard with UPSC’s guidelines and expectations so that their students can be prepared in the same light as they are expected off. This is the best element a coaching will ensure and also help you prepare in the most effective way.

These were just some known yet secret motives of Civil Services Coaching Academies to ensure that their students are on the right path and preparing in the best of their efforts. An experienced hand will always guide you in the right direction! However, we strongly believe that only dedication can reward your perseverance.

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