Why do most people fail in UPSC Civil Services Examination? 11

Candidates might have heard this before, time and time again but let us repeat it once more; “Your actual competition is not those 9 Lakh students who fill up the form for Prelims. NO! Your real competition is exclusively those 2–3 thousand students who dedicatedly devote themselves for UPSC. These candidates are your real competition who turn their nights into days and days into nights.

Note: This advice is valid only If you belong to the above-mentioned group of candidates. Otherwise, you should turn around.  Firstly, get into the competition before actually competing. Most of the candidate’s situation is like the man who is running outside the Olympics stadium and expecting the gold.  

Majority of students confuse enrolling for UPSC—buying the fancy course material and occasionally going through it— as their ultimate preparation strategy.

It’s NOT!

Those three thousand students who are making progress day and night, who are not concentrating on dumb things—markedly don’t do that. They sit with their heads down to their books, silently, and PREPARE! And repeat the same schedule for months and months, and become the kind which UPSC demands. Candidates must not forget that UPSC’s complex selection process is designed to pick only the best—the top cream from the crowd who proudly say they are aspirants. It’s not an easy claim! For fact, 90% of the students who call themselves aspirants are not living a life of UPSC aspirants. It’s an illusion they carry in their bags by occasionally going through the newspapers—or by taking out a course material and selecting what’s easier to read in that particular day—or just sticking to what they feel like reading—or by having a flexible time-table or by telling stories to their friends of how they are about to finish the syllabus in next 60 days.

They must, if not yet, understand that It’s not going to happen. Not with that approach!

Coming back to our primary question, ‘Why do most students fail in Civil Services Examination’, although there are numerous reasons to fail — there are two distinctive reasons that stand out from the rest; Fear and Laziness.

Now, for this, candidates might come up with a perfect rebuttal by saying – ‘There are thousands of students who religiously devote themselves to UPSC and still miserably fail— what about those students—why don’t they get through?

Another fact, the passive aggression towards the established process of UPSC would not lead one to his/her ultimate goal to crack it. Your ranting ‘Undoubtedly’ wouldn’t result to anything. You must acknowledge that except few of your friends and family members, no one cares about your personal struggles. Your personal life is of no-interest to anyone unless you have some value to share through your life—and to do it—you must come above struggles–petty struggles.

How to figure out where are you lacking?

The right thumb rule to evaluate your current level and check where you’re lacking is – pick a candidate who has successfully cracked CSE (Civil Services Examination) and go through his/her daily routine when he/she was preparing. Followed by comparing it to your schedule—and see for the real—how far you really are from the real picture. This would show you how slowly you have been running from the start.

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The only way to crack through your Fears and Laziness is—HUSTLE!

“If you are willing to give what it takes — you’ll undoubtedly get it.”

Following the inputs from our subject matter experts—here are the reasons why most of the Civil Service aspirants fail;

Important: Once again,this answer is only for those three thousand students who are in the race—not the lazy laid-back aspirants who dream of cracking one of the hardest exams in the world by stretching in last 60 days–or worse last 30 days.


Tina Dabi was dragged and smashed on the digital world for it. Looking at her top status, it was astounding that there was a substantial negative difference in her marks and other candidates who didn’t even qualify. A lot of people blamed the entire system for the result that put her to the top.

Firstly, one must understand that reservations are for a certain group of people who either belong to backward casts who faced and still face the discrimination or people who were traditionally left behind due to the unavoidable circumstances in our society. Promoting a candidate from a backward cast/class who made it to the top gives an immeasurable moral boost to lakhs and lakhs of candidates who think – being from a certain cast/class can stop them from topping in the crowd of millions. It was a positive move by UPSC and if you’d see the bigger picture—you’ll be mostly fine with it. Although the clauses under reservations are debatable.

Now, here is the catch! Either candidates can sit on their couches with their laptops—cribbing about the system as a general category student, or smartly, accept the system the way it is—and get their motives rephrased and work towards cracking UPSC. First thing first, a lot of things in our lives are not fair, and coming back to our system—the only way to fight it is by getting into it—not by regretting its decision on your pillow covers—way before it accepts you as a part.

Crack it, and make the change—if that’s what you want.

Expressing is as important as your knowledge

Most of the hard-working candidates collect unfathomable amount of study resources. They read and read—pack as much as humanly possible for their brains. But you must understand that as much as your knowledge is important for UPSC—your expression of the same knowledge is also important, equally—if not more. It’s a fact that if you lack the expression in your language—your way of writing in subjective papers will thrash you to the ground. Being good with words and having a command on your language is as important as the fact you understand all the facts.

Candidates must also acknowledge that if they can’t write ‘5000 words essay’, in a structure that’s comprehensible for even a 10th grade student—you’re doing something REALLY REALLY wrong—and that itself shows that you’re definitely ignoring a huge chunk of preparation.

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Illusion that they are completely dedicated

Sit back for a while! Now count how many TV series have you have recently watched and are going to watch in the coming weekend.Have you finished watching Season 3 of House of Cards thinking it might help you in understanding American politics? Good!

Are you secretly waiting for Game of Thrones Season 7? Excellent.

Have you searched for all the Oscar nominated movies of 2017 and watched them all to convince yourself that those are in the syllabus—that they might ask you—what’s LA LA Land stands for?

Do you find yourself watching videos on how to prepare for UPSC more than finishing the recent Lok Sabha videos?

Well, we think that you are not as dedicated as YOU think you are! Solution? Ask someone around you—a good friend or a family friend, if they think there is a curved corner in your schedule or behavior pattern. and then fix it.

Good Luck!

Do you think we have missed something on why most of the aspirant fail in UPSC? Comment below to let us know.

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