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Ques: With a brief background of quality of urban life in India, introduce the objectives and strategy of the “Smart City Program”

Answer by Anuj Malik: Around 40% population of India lives in Urban areas. The better education, career opportunities and the quality of infrastructure and connectivity attract people to urban areas. But urban life has a lot of associated problems also, which include;

  1. Slum dwelling, which is the result of unprecedented urban migration
  2. Lack of basic amenities, such as drinking water, electricity, etc. due to unplanned urban growth
  3. High crime rates due to child labour, unemployment, etc.
  4. Feeling of loneliness due to a cosmopolitan culture
  5. Traffic congestion and problems of air, water, noise, pollution, etc. In this background, that smart city program was launched which had the following objective:-
  6. Promoting mixed land use in area based development
  7. Housing and inclusiveness
  8. Creating walkable localities
  9. Preserving and developing open spaces
  10. Promoting a variety of transport options
  11. Making governance citizen friendly and cost effective

Strategy for Smart City

The strategic components of area based development in the smart cities mission are:-

  1. City improvement (Retrofitting)
  2. City Renewal (Redevelopment)
  3. City Extension (Greenfield development)

Added upon this is a Pan-City initiative in which smart solutions are applied covering larger parts of the city. To implement the above strategy, special purpose vehicles are created with equity holding of GOI, private sectors and local bodies

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