Last month Revision Plan for Civil Services Mains Exam 2

The very prestigious Civil Services Examination for the year 2018 is ongoing with the second and crucial Mains stage scheduled for September 28th, 2018. Having just around a month left for the objective stage of the examination, it is time you absolutely STOP STUDYING. Yes, you read that right! By now, you should already have completed the entire syllabus for the IAS Mains 2018, and be ready with crisp, hand-written notes for the next step, which is shifting your entire focus to LAST MINUTE REVISION plan for Civil Services Mains Exam 2018. Here, in this article, we will shed light on how to effectively plan your last month before sitting for the Civil Services Mains Examination 2018.

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Coming back to the pivotal process of last-month revision plan for Civil Services Mains Examination, simply follow these quick tips and secure your chances to rank in the list of top successful candidates of 2018.

  1. Strictly avoid reading anything new – In this phase of the Civil Services Examination preparation, you must NOT READ OR STUDY ANYTHING NEW, especially for the Static part of the curriculum, for, this patch of 30 days is meant to keep the light on the intake of any new information. However, the current affairs updates and all the latest information must be kept in close synchronisation with.
  2. Plan a new timetable strictly dedicated to revision – No different from the other crucial stages, preparation for the Mains stage must now be focused on strengthening what you have already studied. To be perfectly precise and elaborative in your answers, at the same time, intensify your writing practice in these 30-35 days’ time, along revising the entire syllabus with a well-planned timetable. Don’t forget to keep enough room for Current Affairs preparation and note- making for the same. You must keep in mind the following points while planning your revision –

A) Strategized Revision – Divide the syllabus into practical chunks and club tough subjects, as per your understanding, with two-three easy ones in a day. Do not plan to finish off many chapters or topics in a day, because your mind must recall what you have studied and over-burdening this memory will only confuse you. Regular breaks mixed with focused revision is the key. Hence, revise regularly but in small chunks. Divide these subjects in a 2-4-hour slot, depending upon the complexity of the topics. Give yourself a break between each subject and practice recreational and relaxation activities to de-stress your mind off the exam pressure. Do not study more than 3-4 subjects in a day.


#TIP – Keep time to practice Current Affairs and Case Studies on a regular basis!

B) Read more from your notes – Revision is best done with self-made notes! It will make no sense if you re-read the entire book to revise the subject. Rather read from the notes that are more precise and only contain what is important. Here you could also read from notes provided by toppers and successful candidates, through online sources like personal blogs or coaching institutions’ official websites.

C)Practice writing as you go with the topics – You should be reading from the handmade notes, but we still suggest answer writing as you go ahead with revising the topics. Nothing parallels revision practised with answer writing! For instance, if you are revising Geography from your notes, you could, alongside, draw simple mind-maps and practice sample Physical Maps of India/World. Sometimes random scribbling also leaves a strong impact on your mind and result in you remembering the topic for a longer period.

You could also frame your own questions and answer them after having revised a topic. This will not only improve your writing skills but also help you recall the answers while writing the actual exam. The more the encounter you have with a topic, better are the chances of remembering the same for a longer period of time.

D)Solve one test, per day – Importance of solving Mock Tests has been long discussed and debated by the peer groups and for you, it is enough to understand that you must practice solving at least one Mock test a day, in this phase. Mock tests, as obvious, will help you perfect your answer writing and understand the probable questions/topics that can be asked in the actual Civil Services Mains Examination 2018. Also, it is the best way to rectify one’s weak areas and work-upon filling up the pot-holes that could make you slip on your dreams.

E)Keep enough room for second revision – Revision stage is like re-looking at your painting for any final touches. But every artist finds a flaw in their work until it reaps them a good result. Same is the case with the Civil Services Exam and life! There is always more to learn, and you must keep enough room for a second look.

  1. Abide by it – Just planning a time-table and understanding how to go with the revision process will never suffice the purpose until the plan is abided by. This is the most important phase of your life and you have to make the most of it. Hence, no matter what comes your way, be strict with your revision process and make sure that you are focused. Stick motivational quotes, Mind-maps or important names/dates, etc., all around your room, keep a decent playlist, that helps you concentrate on your studies, handy and make sure all your dear-ones are aware how important this examination is for you!

You must be thinking this is all so simple to read, but will the process of revising such a complex syllabus be that easy? Trust us, if you stay on the point of revising and practising with Mock Tests, these simple things will only help you achieve your dream of a prestigious career with Civil Services.




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