Last month Preparation for Civil Services Mains 2018 2

“There are better starters than me, but I’m a stronger finisher “- USAIN BOLT

With hardly a month left civil services mains examination, there is an obvious state of confusion during the last month preparation for Civil Services Mains 2018 amongst the candidates. Aspirants must be in distress as all the hard work they’ve put into studies until now are at stake of nervousness and impatience.

Let’s discuss a few quick tips for better preparation for Civil Services Mains 2018 and to get over the fear of such coveted exam

  1. Seek your future and keep your motivation high- Being imaginative is necessary at times and with UPSC mains on head, becoming a future seeker is the need of the hour. Think of the successful career lying ahead of this selection process, keep intact your confidence and believe in the patience you’ve put into preparations. ‘Imagine with your entire mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your might’!
  2. Practice answer writing as much as possible- Getting the knowledge and covering the syllabus is always half work done, the actual preparation gets completed when you learn the art of presenting the knowledge in words. So practice answer writing covering all the dimensions of the topics.
  3. Solve previous year question papers-  Now, when you have covered the entire syllabus, its time to understand the examination pattern and the type of questions asked in the examination. For this, previous year question papers are the ultimate solution. Grab the papers of past 5 years and start solving them. Cross check on google after attempting the paper. Try to cover all the possible dimensions of the topic in minmalist words, as you will be given word limit for each answer in the exmaination.
  4. Enroll for Mains Test Series- When it comes to solving the paper and getting experts feedback and evaluation, nothing can beat the power of Mock Tests. Select the best Mains Test Series and solve each and every paper of GS Mains along with selected optional. The IAS academies not only provide mock tests, but also give the answer evaluation by academy’s experts which undoubtedly would enhance your knowledge base, will help you analyze your areas of strengths and weaknesses and work upon them to get ready for the final quest.
  5. Watch videos of toppers and know their last month strategy- You will get loads of videos of youtube where IAS toppers talk about their journey, preparation strategy and how they dealt with the last minute anxiety. Spare some time to watch videos of your favourite candidate and know what stategies they adopted, what sources they found helpful in the preparation, how they dealt with the examination pressure, and other important tips which you would want to know from the one who has expereinced the same path.
  6. Do not try to study any new topic in this phase except current affairs- Now, when just a month left to Civil Services Mains Examination, I assume that you must have covered all important topics and the entire syllabus by now. And since the syllabus is vast, it is very important to revise, as the chances of forgetting the things is more when you have so much to study. So devote this last month to noly revision of your notes and important topics, and do not pick any new topic now to study unless it is way too important and you have no knowledge about it. Make your existing knowledge stronger in this phase, and rest will be taken care by Test Series and previous year question papers too, as you will anyways read the topics given in Mock test and previous year question papers. But yes, Current Affairs are important and therefore, you need to be well abreast of current affairs till the last final day of your examination. So revise what you have studied earlier in current affairs, and keep reading everyday’s current affairs too alongside.
  7. Spare time for things you like the most- Don’t just keep studying, but also spare enough time to roam around and do the things you love the most to keep your mind fresh. This time should be all yours, do whatever you like; whether hanging out with friends, spending quality time with family, go our for movie, do some music practice or dance or painting, or anything you like.
  8. Indule yourself in healthy discussion with peers- Discussions with like minded people or seniors in the field will always help you enhance your knowledge, and you will learn to express your views in more efficience manner. Moverover, since you are going to become an administrato, you must know the opinions of others in the society, do deal with their issues in the latter stage.
  9. An optimistic approach & motivation to succeed is pivotal to success in mains – At least, Don’t let thoughts like ‘will I be able to remember the answers when I need to write?’, ‘Will I do well?’, ‘What if the paper is tough?’, ‘What if I get questions from what little I skipped on?’, etc distract you. Overcome these confusions and keep yourself motivated and positive. Success is in your ‘Karma’ and your dedication will make all your dreams come true.

Important Tip – Before writing the examination, check your booklet properly, read instructions carefully and then start writing your paper. Read the question twice before attempting answer. Try to answer all questions. If you don’t know the answer of any question, don’t hesitate and answer other questions to the best of your knowledge and reasoning. A question always carries a story behind, so if you don’t know the answer, skip the question and start your quest to find that story after you have completed the questions you already know. Keep faith, you are doing your best already.

Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you can go. So, don’t take stress, Do your very best & forget the rest!

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