Last minute tips for Civil Services Mains Examination 0

Mains exam is just a day away; numerous questions must be flaring up in aspirants’ mind related to the formulation of best possible strategy to successfully get through UPSC Mains Examination.
Here are some guidelines which will help the aspirants to perform better in the examination:

Keep your mind peaceful
First of all, make sure you have a good sleep day before the examination. Eliminate all the fears that are disturbing your mind and try to keep your mind as much peaceful and positive as you can.

Make sure you revise all the important topics, facts & figures, concepts and current affairs during your last minute preparation. Devote all time in revision and do not try to touch any new topic at last minute. In case you find some area that has not been prepared well, don’t panic. Stick to whatever you have studied till now and revise that well.

Practice writing
Try to write a few questions to check your speed and clarity. Practice makes a man perfect, and you really need that perfection at the examination hall. Many times, while writing, we recall numerous important points we have studied earlier, so it will make your revision even deeper and better. Moreover, writing answers to the previous question papers will also boost your confidence level and enhance your thinking capacity.

Find some time to ease out
Apart from having good sleep, try to keep yourself relaxed. Try to meditate for a while. You can either re-memorize the important topic while meditating, or can silently meditate; whatever your mind feels comfortable in. Breathe deeply, let go of all the negative or fearful thoughts and allow your mind to be calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Talk to a friend who is also going to appear for Civil Services Mains Examination
Talk to a friend, and discuss the points. Sometimes, your mind catches up something important which gets stored in your subconscious mind. Your friend might tell something very important during the conversation which may click to you while writing in the examination.

Go through the economic survey 2015-16
Run through or revise the Economic survey 2015-16. It will help you get good fix on ideas and concepts related to rate of unemployment, GDP growth rate and basic stats from agriculture etc. This knowledge will help you in GS paper 3.

Lastly, do not panic, be confident and use your own strategy to write the examination. Well formulated strategy and optimum time management are the two basics to achieve your dream goal. It is very important to formulate your own strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses while appearing for Civil Services Mains examination.

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