Increasing need of financial assistance through Scholarship Programs in various educational fields 1

Millions of students everyday sacrifice their dreams due to financial blocks or various family circumstances. In today’s era, the youngsters in our country are extremely talented and are open to learn something new every day. Especially the students from rural backgrounds are coming up with real talent and skills. Every year, we get to hear that the kid of a sweeper has become an IAS officer; the kid of the farmer became the CEO of an organization. And above all, let’s discuss about those personalities who are today an inspiration for us and a real example of success. Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani (better known as Dhirubhai), son of a school teacher in a remote village in rural Gujarat today needs no introduction – A well-known personality by all of us. And we have lot more similar examples around us.

Every human being is unique and every deserving student must get the right opportunity to shine. And therefore, we wholeheartedly respect the institutions, schools and universities who regularly organize Scholarship Tests to provide financial assistance to these deserving students.

The same initiative taken by Chanakya IAS Academy made us write this post today. A Scholarship Test is being organized by Chanakya IAS Academy in Mangaluru for top 108 deserving candidates for Civil Services Examination on 8th October. We feel proud to have such academies in our country to encourage the youngsters who aspire to become the future leaders or Civil Servants in our country.

Chanakya IAS Academy, established in 1993, has already given more than 3500 Civil Servants to the nation and is present across India. The Academy regularly organizes Scholarship Tests to provide financial assistance to deserving candidates. And this time, we have stolen this opportunity to spread this information as much as we can to help the young generation make their dreams come true and conquer the financial challenges. The top 3 students, based on their marks, will get 100% Scholarship and will get the opportunity to prepare in Chanakya IAS Academy, Mangalore centre, under the guidance of subject matter experts and Mr. AK Mishra, Founder and Managing Director. The next 10 students will get 50% financial assistance and the other 95 students will get 25% concessions in fee.

This is the wonderful step towards humanity, and we encourage all the true Civil Services aspirants to take this challenge and become the future leaders, because we need the youngsters like you to bring a positive change in our society and country as a whole.

Click Here to get all the details about the upcoming test. Good Luck!


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