How to effectively Prepare for Civil Services Exam and SSC simultaneously 3

Every year lakhs of students appear for competitive exams like the SSC CGL, Bank PO and the prestigious Civil Services. Eyeing on the government jobs, in India, is a lure not many people can resist. And especially, if we talk about the perks and benefits of a government job, despite the not-so-lucrative pay packages for the freshers, a sense of job security has always kept the youth calling back to the governmental openings. And now, when pay commission has ended the most controversial worries of a hefty pay package offered in the governmental organisation, candidates now have the freedom to focus on cracking the entrance examination for their dream jobs and not have any other worries. But preparing for some of the toughest exams in India, and that too simultaneously is a true dare and achievers are those, who believe that skies are the limit! Preparing for India’s toughest and prestigious most, Civil Services Exam, along with the Bank PO or SSC CGL exam is not impossible, as many students often ask us! In fact, nothing is impossible, if you understand your true capacities. And we will help you understand what approach you must take to prepare for Civil Services Exam and SSC or other competitive exams like Bank PO simultaneously.

Due to the difference in the pattern and nature of these 3 examinations (Civil Services, SSC CGL and Bank PO), preparing for any of the two exams can confuse the candidates, but Syllabus is the key, here! Each examination has its own attributes and a clear understanding of the syllabus for each of these exams will help you understand the demand of each examination. Simple similarities and differences, as mentioned below, for each of these papers can aid your choices though –

  1. Civil Services is the mother of all exams – If you look at the syllabus for Civil Services Exam, you may find some similarity in the CSAT Paper with the reasoning and general awareness paper of the Bank PO exam, but in reality, depth of the curriculum for the Civil Services Exam is way more extensive and needs to be rigorously prepared. Hence, if you opt to prepare for the Civil Services Examination, time allotment and strategic study plan for this particular exam will automatically demand certain priorities.

Tip – A smart preparation strategy with clear priorities will help you excel in both the papers! Do take a professional guidance to maintain your focus in the right direction! Taking a coaching for Civil Services and getting a good hold on the syllabus, can also help you prepare for Civil Services Exam and SSC simultaneously, as the syllabus of SSC is somewhere narrowed form of Civil Services Exam syllabus.

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  1. Strong reasoning ability is a must – Now this is a catch! Be it Civil Services, Bank PO and the SSC CGL Exam, aspirants for all these exams must have strong reasoning skills, but in a totally different context. While for the Bank PO Exam, one needs to focus on developing the analytical ability, on the other hand, SSC exam may have more questions focusing on the visual reasoning and then the Civil Services Examination is an association of logical reasoning and analytical ability both needed to crack one of the toughest exams in India. Here, you may find SSC on an easier hand but, then you should have a fair idea of the fruit, the seed of your hard work is going to reap for you. 
  1. Co-relate the similarities – Syllabus for the Civil Services Prelims exam and Bank PO are much similar, except the subjective depth which is higher in the Civil Services examination. And so, clubbing the common information sources that are relevant to both the exams can help you save much time. Again, there is a similarity in the general awareness curriculum for the Bank PO and SSC CGL Exam, which can be co-related and prepared at the same time.
  2. Do not miss crucial points that are different in each – Consider mathematics, there are a few in-depth questions from subjects like Geometry & trigonometry which are asked in the SSC exam, while Bank PO exam comprises of topics like averages, percentages, approximation, algebra, etc. And in the Civil Services Examination, Mathematics as a whole is a crucial subject, especially to clear the initial Prelims Stage! You must understand the basic difference in the depth of each subject, that must be studied for the exams, respectively and prepare accordingly. Nothing, that is in the syllabus, can be avoided!
  3. Taking it Global – SSC CGL and the Civil Services Examination, both the exams require the aspirant to be keenly updated about all the matters of National & International importance, while also holding an opinion on the same. Topics and subjects can range from any and every single area like the field of Science & Technology, Environment, International Relations, etc. On the other hand, bank PO exam does not lay such in-depth emphasis on general knowledge and rather focus on the financial knowledge, at a global level. However, the static part of the General Knowledge-based information goes the same for all the three exams.

Tip – Do not simply read, but understand these topics in detail, for your logical reasoning, analytical ability and a general mental ability will be at test through related questions, especially in the Civil Services Examination.

Having understood about the three most coveted exams in India, Bank PO, SSC CGL and Civil Services Exam, you must also understand that each of these exams end up at an entirely different career path. Every assigned job will have its set of perks, responsibilities, goals and challenges, too. If you have a clear understanding of how you will end up after cracking the examination, choosing your dream path will be much easier!

 May you make the best choice! Good luck for a bright future!

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