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Words are the easiest flowing emotions and using them well is an art, not every person can master. But when it is about writing India’s toughest Civil Services Examination, every single candidate, aspiring to get through the three extensive stages, must be at par with the usage of words and efficiency in expressing one’s thoughts and ideas. Especially when it is about essay writing in the Civil Services Mains Examination, where the aspirants are not bound in any limitations and can let loose their ideas and thoughts in a more elaborative manner. Mastering effective Essay Writing is an art! And therefore, here we have devised some extremely important Essay writing tips for Civil Services Exam, which will surely help you get an edge over the lakhs of competitors.

Those, who are planning to attempt in the upcoming Mains Exam,  first understand, how to gear up for the Essay Paper in the last 15 days of the Civil Services Mains Examination 2018 –

  1. September 13 – 17th, 2018 – In these crucial 5 days, first judge yourself, how strong you are at Essay Writing. If you find yourself at a stage where you have a strong hand at expressing yourself through words, nothing can be better than this. Start practising Essay Writing on a daily basis and write at least 1 essay per day. But if you are anyways doubtful about writing your thoughts well or sum your thoughts in a well-framed write-up, consider these 5 days as your cheat days!

Pick up the most relevant topics each day, research about the same and write down important pointers about the same. Once done, frame the essay from these points and then see how better you could express yourself when you took help from information sources. Repeat the process for the entire span of 5 days. By the, you will have a hold on how to segregate your essay in a logical order and develop a flow in writing the same.

  1. September 18 – 20th, 2018 – Cheat Days are over, practice serious essay writing here! However, post writing the essay you can cross check your words with the authentic Information sources and also make the needful revision in your essay.
  2. September 21st – 26th, 2018 – This will be the most crucial week of the month, the final week before you sit for the Civil Services Examination. Use your information sources, only to keep yourself updated, but for essay writing, make sure it is totally in the exam-stipulated environment and no cheating allowed.
  3. September 27th, 2018 – No study day it is! Rest and let your nerves relax for the ultimate battle you must fight tomorrow. Do not study anything today, except reading from ‘The Hindu’.

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Effective essay writing tips while writing the Civil Services Mains Exam 2018 –

Essay Writing paper in the Civil Service Mains Examination is one of the most crucial papers and as mentioned above you must have a strong hand on effective writing, for, it is all about the words, in the Civil Services Mains Exam. Keep in mind these simple tips and ensure that you excel in your quest –

  1. Plans are good, but essays are always the most spontaneous – Once you have your question paper in the hand, you will know what are the topics you are sure of and must write upon. This is so because you have spent an entire year studying about the topic and have enough information about it. So please do not waste much time on planning your essay and rather just draw a simple outline in your mind as to how you would like to go ahead with the topic and start writing. When you have a logical outline in your mind, words will come spontaneously, and you will be done writing your essay in a decent time.

#Never select a different or typical topic to impress the examiner. They will read an entire essay to judge you and not just the headline.

  1. Keep Short & crisp – To the point essays, logical in order are always appreciated by an examiner because they are only trying to understand how you think about the topic and in what depths. But the depth should portray in your choice of words and not the length of the topics.
  2. Time management for Essay Paper – For this paper candidate is expected to write two essays in about 1000-1200 words, and topics they get to choose one from each section. Candidate must ensure a proper time management doing justice to both the essays. Hence devoting an equal time for both the essays will bind you in an obligation to complete your first essay within the allotted time and switch to the other one, also so that you may save time to revise both the essays.
  3. Ambiguity is not welcomed – Essays are expected to be multi-dimensional only until all the dimensions are doing justice to the subject of the essay. Weaving stories around anything and everything with an open-ended loop will only confuse the examiner. So, make sure the essay has a logical continuity & flow and conclude what you had started on a productive note.
  4. Back your Essay – An essay can be said to be write with-standing the authors’ arguments on the topic, but a factually backed essay with just about sufficient examples is sure to fetch some good marks. You can also use your personal experiences, observations or anything suitable to specify your point. Facts and examples will also make your essay more interesting.
  5. Fiction & imagination do not go well with Essay Writing for Civil Services Examination – While giving examples you may describe an imaginary situation but when beyond that fiction and imagination should be kept at bay while writing the essays in Civil Services Mains Exam. Rather, be original and relevant to the topic while not forgetting that an aspiring Administrator is writing this essay.
  6. Keep it clean – Although writing is not what an examiner will judge you by, but, this fact will never go outdated that a clean answer sheet with clear markings make it easier for an examiner to judge the sheet with a pleasant mood. Make sure your essays look readable and very interesting to the examiner.
  7. Revise your essays well – In the end, do not forget to revise your essays with a focused reading, at least once and make all the relevant changes, if you may the need to. This way you will be saved from committing any mistakes and also rectify any needful areas that need to be explained any better.

We know that it is a mandate to practice essay writing rigorously for mastering the art of effective essay writing, but in the wee hours of Civil Services Exam 2018, aspiring candidates must keep in mind above-mentioned points, to excel in their quest.

Wish you all the very best for the Civil Services Mains Examination 2018!

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