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Amidst the hustle bustle of covering vast syllabus of Civil Services Examination, students often find it very difficult to find reliable sources, especially when it comes to demographic stats. Demographics and related topics are much quite often asked in in Civil Services Examination under the topics of Social Development, Economic Development, and other topics of GS Paper II & III. In this article, we will be sharing some of the major Demographic Statistics of India to empower the aspirants’ Civil Services Examination preparation with the most relevant data derived from the most-trusted & authentic sources like Census 2011, Wikipedia, Worldometer, etc.

If you are looking for the most authentic study material to boost up your preparation in the right direction, Here’s what we recommend you without any second thought.

Note:  Before we move ahead, we would like to mention that most of the data is collected from the Census 2011 and the figures are expected to have changed in last 7 years. But mentioning the authentic sources and the exact figures related to the demographical aspects will surely fetch you marks based on your knowledge about the Census readings.

Demographic Statistics of India are some of the most crucial information which refers to the statistical data relating to the population of a region. It encrusts various aspects of the area specified, like Population & its Growth Rate, World Rank, The Literacy Rates, The Sex-Ratio, etc. An IAS aspirant must have a fair knowledge about the Demographic Statistics of India, along with certain numbers in exact reference to the Country’s Demographics.

 The population of India: As you can see in the image, below, the total population of India (as per Worldometer) in 2018 is close to 1,354,051,854 approximately, which was somewhere around 121 crores in the results of Census Survey 2011. Due to this constant surge in population, India ranks 2nd in the World with 17.74% of the World Population.

Demographics of India for IAS exam preparation

Top 5 highly populated States of India include Uttar Pradesh (199,812,341 people), followed by Maharashtra (112,374,333 people), Bihar (104,099,452 people), West Bengal (91,276,115 people) and Andhra Pradesh (84,580,777 people – these stats are from the data collected prior to the creation of Telangana). Bihar tops the list when you talk about the population Density with 1102 people per sq. Km, followed by West Bengal (1030), Kerala (859), Uttar Pradesh (828) & Haryana (573). These statistics do not include the population of the Union Territories.

 Growth Rate: Now if we look at the Growth Rate, India stands at 1.11% GR with 68.64% population still living in Rural areas of our country whereas Urban Population is still around 31.16% (acc. To Census 2011 – the figures may have increased for the current scenario). Median Age in India is 27 years.

Demography of India for IAS Exam preparation

Life Expectancy & Mortality Rate: With 68.35 years of age as an average Life Expectancy in India, we still see Infant Mortality Rate as 39.1 deaths per thousand live births. Wherein India is still fighting with female foeticide in certain areas along with other reasons causing natural/unnatural death keeping the female mortality rate at 40.4 deaths per 1000 live births. The male mortality rate is at a record low of 38 deaths per 1000 live births.

Demography of India for IAS exam preparation

Female Sex-Ratio: As you could see that the female mortality rate in India is higher than that of the Male members of our society, the female sex-ratio is also lower at a record rate of 940 Females per 1000 Males. Female Infant Sex-Ratio is 944 Female children per 1000 Male children, which makes a 0.75% increase in the Female Sex- Ratio in a decade (i.e. In comparison to Census 2001). And Kerala tops the list with a record high of 1084 Females per 1000 Males.

Demography of India for IAS Exam preparation

Literacy Rate: India has to work a lot in the field of education, for, we only have a literacy rate of 74.04% with Kerala topping the list again with a good 94% Literacy Rate amongst all the other Indian States.

Demography of India for IAS Exam preparation

These are some of the most crucial figures of the Demographic Statistics of India, you must learn by heart in order to excel in Civil Services Examination. If you can find the current statistics for the same from an authentic source, it will be great, but we suggest you stick by the Governmental Demographic Statistics of India from Census 2011 for the accurate figures. This and more such facts and figures are crucial to excel not just in the Civil Services Examination but also in the Services allotted thereafter.

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