‘To-Do’ checklist for Civil Services Mains Exam 2018 2

Having successfully cracked India’s toughest Civil Services Exam 2018’s Prelims Stage, aspirants are now heading to the second decisive-most stage of the examination – Civil Services Mains Examination 2018. With exhaustive study sessions and stern time-table, aspirants constantly keep sceptical if they are going in the right direction, for, this is one attempt of a lifetime, nobody wants to miss. To help you ease out on all your worries, we have compiled for you a ‘To-Do’ checklist for Civil Services Mains Exam 2018. Read on and see if you are on the right track, for, if these 11 are all checked right at your end, in the true sense, you are sure to make it to the final Interviews.

#Tip – At this stage, when you have less than two months left for the IAS Mains 2018, study only the most important topics and practice Mock Tests as many as you can. Click here to know more!

  1. Refine your attitude – First and foremost step, of an aspirant aiming at the prestigious Civil Services, is to check themselves on following grounds, and refine their attitudes, where needed –
  • Are you an empathetic person?
  • How do you rate your decision-making ability?
  • Do you have leadership qualities in you?
  • How is your control over emotions?
  • Are you practical or judgemental?
  • What matters more – Permanent solution to a problem or instant gratification?
  • How important is honesty to you?
  • How much do you know about the society you are going to serve?
  • What is your understanding and opinion on current burning issues being faced by the Nation?
  • How eager are you to watch positive changes in the society?

At this stage of the examination, we are sure you understand why the above-mentioned traits and qualities are expected of you!

Lacking on a certain trait in your personality or is there something you are confused about?

Our suggestion is to consult that one person whom you look up to as a mentor or guide for most important decisions in life. This person could be your parents, siblings, teacher, mentor or anybody who can guide in making you a better human whom an entire society will soon look up for seeking solutions to crucial issues and troubles.

  1. UPSC Syllabus – UPSC Syllabus for Civil Services Examination is important at every stage of the examination, for, it gives much insight into what and how Civil Services Examination preparation must be done and with what best resources. By now you should be well versed with this Syllabus and if not, there is still time, learn it by heart.
  2. Study Material – NCERT’s are the first step into Civil Services Exam preparation. Read NCERT textbooks from 6th standard onwards, as per the need of the subject/topic. Now, one thing that you must understand here is that reading only NCERT’s will not suffice the purpose and hence other recommended/standard books must be taken up after having completed the topic/subject from NCERT’s.
  3. Optional Subject – This one subject, that you have chosen for your optional, will play a major role in boosting your score at the IAS Mains and hence, complete your entire optional preparation one month and above in prior to the Mains Examination, so that you may get enough time for revision and writing practice. Do not skip any topic of your optional and focus on developing a sound knowledge of the subject, while also referring to questions asked in previous year papers.
  4. Make Notes – Notes are not just crucial in the process of polishing answer writing but also at the revision stage to study only what is relevant and not the entire study material. You must be making notes, for each topic that you study in a clear and precise manner, and if not, start doing it right away. There is still time to make crisp notes for all the important topics.
  5. Writing Practice with Previous Year Paper – Writing practice for IAS Mains exam is best done with solving previous years papers for all the subjects, including the optional subject. You must solve previous year papers for atleast past 5 years and even more if possible, as it will also help you understand the exact manner in which questions are framed from a topic/subject. So, if you haven’t already started, grab your copy of Previous Year papers and start solving them at the earliest!
  6. Take Mock Tests – Mains Test Series’ is the best tool to assess your preparation for the most competitive examination and you are at the perfect stage of solving some. In case you have missed on joining one, it is strongly advised to enrol for Mock Test for IAS Mains 2018 right away!
  7. Stay up-to-date with current affairs – Newspaper reading and staying abreast with current affairs’ updates are something, you must already be doing, since you have successfully cracked the objective stage of the exam. Here, we only advise you to increase your encounter with key issues and other important updates in depth and also relate the same with key topics from the subjects that you are preparing for IAS Mains 2018.
  8. Healthy discussions – Involve in intelligent discussions with a peer group or people with similar interests to develop a better understanding of topics and also understand different perspectives for the same. It will help you remember your topic well and recall the same while writing the exam, effectively and in a balanced perspective. Find such people, whom you can openly discuss important topics and issues with, from this very day onwards and make the most of this little time left until IAS Mains 2018!
  9. Revision – The more that you read, the more things you will know! Hence, revise every single topic that you have studied, on a regular basis. You must revise atleast thrice, i.e. once after reading a topic, next at the end of the week and again in the last month before IAS Mains exam, which in your case is September 2018.
  10. Believe in your dreams – IAS/IPS/IFS is a dream, which is why you are here reading this entire stretch of text, only to make it come true! All we ask you here is to believe in your dreams! The right blend of efforts, dedication, sincerity, and confidence will help you achieve your dreams, and we are sure you will make it to the list of Indian Administrative Officers! Just please believe in you & your dreams!
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