Best UPSC Mains Test Series 2018 to prepare for Civil Services Examination 2

Every year thousands of students qualify the UPSC Prelims by dint of sheer hard work, dedication and good guidance. But when it comes to Mains preparation, aspirants are required to put in more efforts to ensure their place amongst the top rankers. And we all are well aware of the importance of Test Series when it comes to understanding the exam pattern, get an idea of probable question and practice first hand before going for the final quest. But selecting the right Mains test series is in itself a great challenge, as it takes not only money but a lot of time of the candidates as well, and who knows the importance of time limit better than the Civil Services Aspirants. And Therefore, to narrow down this search and help candidates select the best Mains Test Series out of this list of Top 5 IAS coaching institutes that provide most helpful UPSC Mains Test Series. 


Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya provides their UPSC Mains Test Series through Classroom, Postal, and Online courses.  The features of their Test Series are as follows:

  • They offer the most cost-effective Test Series, which is completely based on UPSC Mains Exams pattern.
  • The answer-sheets get checked and evaluated by experts and ex-service officers, which takes a little time, but the analysis and assessment shared by them are worth the wait.
  • Detailed discussion on each paper with experts and proper feedback is shared to help you assess your strength and weakness to improve your performance accordingly.
  • They also share the Model Answers (for reference) by their successful candidates, so one can easily learn and work on sharpening their skills.

Other Benefits:

  • Test Discussion videos by UPSC Toppers uploaded on LMS for reference
  • Answer hints: Formulated in three sections; Key Concepts, Model Answers, and Supplementary reading material.
  • Chanakya’s Monthly Magazine ‘Chanakya Civil Services Today’ and ‘Chanakya Weekly Current Affairs and Newspaper Analysis’ booklet (soft copy only)


Dhrishti IAS

Features of Dhyeya IAS Mains Test Series

  • Flexible Programme as per student requirement.
  • Both Module-wise and comprehensive programme.
  • Questions will comprise proper synthesis of both current and traditional areas as per the latest trend.
  • Well structured and precise model answers.
  • One to One Doubt clearing sessions by an expert team.
  • Flexibility of writing Test as per the convenience of Students.
  • Classroom, Online and Postal Test facilities available.
  • Answer scripts to be evaluated by subject-experts who’ll provide detailed MICRO and MACRO analysis.

Dhyeya IAS

Features of Dhyeya IAS Mains Test Series

  • THEMATIC coverage of full syllabus
  • Practice in presence of faculty
  • Daily 10Q + Evaluation + Hint in class
  • 8 sectional + 4 Full-Length Test + 5 Essays
  • Schedule your Test Well as Evaluation
  • 1st Test Open for All
  • Starting 17th June 12 PM onwards
  • Copy Evaluation in front of the student
  • Evaluation and discussion by Faculty
  • Snippet: Mains Fact File

Shankar IAS

Features of Shankar IAS Mains Test Series

  • Test Papers will be evaluated and will be given back within 7 days
  • Test evaluation will be based on UPSC evaluation parameters
  • Keys points for answers will be provided
  • Coverage of vital issues from major national dailies and magazines
  • Video recording of discussion sessions will be made available


Features of KSG Mains Test Series

  • Explanations and model answers will be provided
  • Tests are provided in flexible mode also
  • Discussion Sessions


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