Best IAS Coaching institutes for UPSC Mock Interviews 4

Civil Services Interview stage has commenced from February 11th, 2018 and aspirants with Interview dates scheduled in the coming month must be on their nerves to give their best in the final and most decisive phase – The Personality Test.

As they say, ‘certain roads must be taken only with those who have travelled on them’, your journey to UPSC should be treated similarly. Civil Services, being one of the most desired and highly responsible jobs in India, look for dedicated and strong-willed minds to carry out the duties effectively. And these people are not framed fit for the jobs in a day. It takes nurturing and training to develop the kind of personality required to excel in Civil Services and be known as an able Civil Administrator. Why not utilize this magic of experienced guidance for your Personality test and get trained under critical review of those who have lived the life you are about to set sails for?

Civil Services Interview is a hardcore personality test where the Panel of highly esteemed Judges from the Civil Services fraternity are all set to judge you based on your interests, hobbies, ability to analyze and understand things like an administrator, your way of presenting yourself and your views, along with logical reasoning on subjects and topics of national & international importance. To present yourself best in front of this highly experienced Panel, you need a lot of practice and guidance for some important aspects that reflect your personality, during the interview, like:

  1. Clarity of Speech
  2. Communication skills (Both verbal and non-verbal)
  3. Confidence
  4. Thought process
  5. Quick and unbiased decision making skills
  6. Patience during argumentative discussions
  7. Qualities of being an active listener and get clarity in speech
  8. Administrative or leadership traits
  9. Presentation skills

Coming straight to the point, we strongly recommend you to enrol for UPSC Mock Interviews and prepare well under experts’ guidance to present yourself in front of competent board of observers at the UPSC interview.

‘You get limited number of chances in Life to do something big. When they come, take them!’

For those who are still wondering as to which Institute will be the best to enrol for Interview Guidance program/UPSC Mock Interviews, here we are compiling a list of top 5 institutes most trusted by the aspirants of UPSC Civil Services examination, for your reference:

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