7 healthy habits to inculcate while preparing for Civil Services Examination 6

Being one of the most coveted examinations in India, Civil Services Examination requires a lot of preparation academically and mentally. Since the year-long exam demands extreme hard work during the preparation for the 3 challenging stages of the exam, it is extremely important for applicants to be physically and mentally healthy. To make most of the year you spend in preparing for the examination, here are few healthy habits you must inculcate:

  1. Eat the right kinds of food: If you are preparing for the challenging Civil Services Examination, it is extremely important for you to keep a good tab on what you are eating, as a healthy diet keeps a healthy & productive mind, which is extremely important during the preparation phase of Civil Services Examination. So make sure you eat regular meals that are high on fibre and vitamins. Green vegetables, milk, dry fruits and plenty of water are some of the items that you must include in their diet. Fresh fruits and sprouts will help improve your concentration and enable you to study better. Omega 3 Fatty acids helps improving brain function and sharpen the memory; it is found in flax seeds, halibut, trout, Chia seeds and other food items. Avoid heavy meals and try to have 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day
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  1. Keep your study area clean and organized: Clean and organized areas help you be peaceful and keep your mind calm. Arrange the area in a way that it is easily accessible and you are able to find your reading materials and notes easily. Cluttered spaces lead to irritation of not being able to find required study material on time
  2. Take adequate sleep: Your brain needs rest so as to function properly. A sleep-deprived brain ends up being fudgy and you are not able to think properly. When you take rest, the brain is able to assimilate all its thoughts and information and makes sure that you are able to function properly the next day. Make sure that you sleep for at least 7 hours every day.
  3. Exercise: Make sure that you get up early in the morning every day and do some physical exercise; be it a walk, stretching or running. Exercise keeps your body functions up and running and helps in relaxing your brain. The release of happy hormones keeps you relaxed and you are able to take on the day more energetically.
  4. Concentrate only on IAS preparation: Juggling two-three things together might leave you stressed and irritated. While it sounds great to boast that you can manage your job, course studies and IAS preparation simultaneously, it might happen that you end up messing all these. It is better to keep the pressure to the minimum and deal with one thing at a time. This will help you concentrate properly and you will be able to do well. In case you are working, then schedule your study hours accordingly, that it doesn’t hamper your preparation process; keep your goal set.
  5. Have a healthy breakfast: Make sure that you have a healthy breakfast and include all the essential nutrients. Breakfast is a meal that you eat after 8-10 hours and you should never miss it. Steer clear of high sugar or high-fat food items. Instead, add fibre to your breakfast because fibre keeps you full and at the same time doesn’t make you feel loaded.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids and water: Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the most important parts of being healthy. Water keeps you calm and provides important minerals to the body. You can also drink green tea, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices, coconut water and milkshakes. These drinks keep you healthy.

While it is important to have a proper study plan for your exam, it is also important to lead a healthy life to concentrate and perform better. Follow these tips and ace your exam with high spirits.

Author Bio: Engineers Career Point is a well-known institute based in Chandigarh and Patiala which guides students in clearing examinations for IIT JEE, ISRO, PSUs and others.

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