6 habits you must Change right away if you want to become an IAS Officer 4

Civil Services, like every other jobs, has its own pros & cons, but then what makes it one of the most desired career choices is the ultimate Job satisfaction & the feeling of gratification achieved after serving such a diverse but richly entangled society, skillfully.

Civil Services Exam tests the candidates through 3 extensive stages where you compete with more than a lakh of aspirants from diverse fields. Civil Services Exam is not just the test of knowledge, but it indeed tests the overall personality of the candidate to make sure whether the candidate is suitable for the highly responsible job position or not. Therefore, you all are advised to not just focus on enhancing your knowledge on the related subjects, but also develop right personality traits and change few habits which may lessen your chances to succeed in your dream career.

So, Say NO to these habits and upsurge your chances of Success in Civil Services exam and step ahead to become an IAS officer
  • Stop underestimating yourself: Civil Services is not just a decision that has been made by you, but It is an extremely mature journey you have decided to take for a brighter life. Respect this very fact and accept yourself as an Administrator today. Acknowledge your weaker areas, but instead of getting disappointed by those weaker areas, work on them and change them for better. Now when we say weaker areas, it could be anything; a subject or some personality traits like confidence, communication skills, leadership quality, and so on. So acknowledge it, and start working on it right away.

Those who have gone through the previous 2 stages and are waiting for their chance to appear in UPSC Interview are strongly advised to work on their personalities. Attend mock interviews and get an understanding about interview process and on what criteria UPSC would test you to judge your suitability for the job position.

  • Stop allowing negativity to be around you: With such a positive step towards a bright career, there should be absolutely no space for negativity in your life. You must not forget your passion for Civil Services at any point of time.  Find your motivations in Quote or people who you look up to & paste their pictures or motivational words at your study corner or space where you spend your most Quality time. There is no substitute for positive motivation when you have decided to achieve your dreams. Be around people who are either positive for their coming attempt or have already succeeded in Civil Services Exam, and can guide you better in your journey to success in Civil Services Exam. Remember, everyone speaks their experiences. So always surround yourself with those who have succeeded, as they will be able to encourage, motivate and guide you in right direction.

Let ‘Be positive’ be your motto of life, and optimism prevail in all your thoughts!


  • Stop seeking advice from all: When we say surround yourself with positive people, we at the same time cannot encourage you to seek advice or guidance from all. Remember, everyone has different mind-set, work in different capacity and carry different sets of strengths and weaknesses. Being Civil Services aspirant, you must be wise in choosing the person you would take guidance from. Do not follow so many advices, read hundreds of books as and when someone advices; rather select one guide you can completely rely upon and keep yourself away from other distractions. There are many academies, toppers and other field experts whom you can seek guidance from, but you will have to make that wise choice. AK Mishra, Founder and Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy, always advices students to not make a library, instead follow 1 right strategy, keep concised approach by reading only that material which is relevant to study and do not blindly follow the advice of everyone you come across.

When we say surround yourself with like-minded people, your social & virtual circle must be comprised of all these people, but it depends totally on the filtered & balanced information you grasp in for positive motivation.

  1. People with negative experience, but positive mind-set, will help you understand the loopholes you must avoid in your preparation. Grasp only where you need to work on!
  2. Toppers of the maiden attempt will help you understand the tips & tricks to effectively prepare for the exam and get motivations to believe in you. If they got through, even you can! Listen to their videos of success stories.
  3. People with mixed experiences will help you understand the balance they maintained in their preparation to overcome their failures & how.

Hence, follow no one’s path completely & frame your own path to success. This journey is yours; it deserves being lived by you, only!

  • Avoid adjourning your priorities: Civil Services Examination is no small deal and hence you must know what things need to be at your priority & why. This one crucial point you must keep in mind from the very beginning of the preparation – prioritize your life.

When aiming at Civil Services, there will be existing things happening in your life, like your family life, your social circle, the education phase, and so on. Avoid nothing from these as they will be your strength if taken in positive spirits. It is very humanly possible to take care of your existing responsibilities, while also effectively preparing for the Civil Services Exams. You only must prioritize it all.

Set a decent chunk of your time for everything, still managing a good time to focus on your Civil Services Examination preparation.

Also, avoid wasting time with checking emails, updating social media accounts, watching unnecessary videos when you should be studying and concentrating on your work. Break up your tasks into small sections, make a timetable, hang out with influential people. It will help you in avoiding procrastination. Keep separate time for relaxing & entertainment to ease your clogged nerves.

Some ‘Must have’s’ in your priority list during preparation for Civil Services Examination:

  • Study schedule (regular)
  • Current Affairs preparation (regular)
  • Motivational hour (watch toppers videos, read success stories, or indulge in healthy discussions with intelligent people who can guide you for good)
  • Revision (weekly basis)
  • Family & friends’ time (this is a must!)
  • Relaxation period (the ‘My time’ for you, do whatever activities you enjoy the most)
  • Other miscellaneous tasks (you’d know them better)


  • Avoid multiple sources of information: Aspirants aiming at Civil Services Examination are often lost in the pool of information readily available online & in marketplaces. AVOID MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION. Such practice will only leave you wandering in the books & other sources. But then we also don’t mean to stick to single source of information, because to study such a vast syllabus some good detailing is equally important. Hence try to stick by a maximum of 2-3 sources of information for every subject you study. No More, not less! Here, again a right guidance is important, but remember, you don’t need to make a library, but study only what is relevant.

Expert hack: Watch, read, breathe news!

The Internet is an indispensable tool to collect information about almost anything & everything. But it is totally in your hands to make wise use of the technology, that was developed to guide you for good!

  • Never just read but learn: The syllabus of IAS examination is extensively broad. Candidates often stumble over the time limits & try to study everything, by merely memorizing the facts instead of getting a good understanding of the topic being studied. This is one very wrong approach you must totally avoid during your Civil Services Examination preparation because UPSC will never ask you direct questions & rather trick you with words & framed situations. SO, DO NOT JUST READ OR MUG UP THE FACTS BUT UNDERSTAND THEM WELL, ADD YOUR OPINIONS AND TRY TO FRAME THEM WELL. This is why answer writing practice, solving previous year question papers are always advised. UPSC does not only test your knowledge, but it checks the way you present your knowledge while adding your own opinions wherever required.


To excel in Civil Services, it is very important to be a curious soul & constantly question yourself (and experienced seniors) on things until you can develop a conceptual clarity of any given topic or subject.

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