5 Ways to Improve Concentration While Studying 2

Studying without concentration is like chewing on tasteless food. You may be trying hard to sit for hours and cover as much study material as you could, but not paying attention to what you are studying shall do you no good. Here are some quick tips on how to improve concentration while studying:

  1. Formulate A Plan

The first step of starting your exam preparation should be formulating a plan. Set weekly goals, and make sure you abide by them. Take one subject at a time and make sure you finish topics as planned. Make a time table and put it in your room somewhere you can see it every day. You can even choose to set reminders on your phone that can help you check out the things you have covered. Formulating a plan makes you cover your study material easily and can leave ample amount of time for revision as well. By not worrying about the stuff left to study, you can aim to focus on the subject material itself, thus improving your concentration.

  1. Meditation Helps

Meditation helps us in channeling our energy in the right direction. By learning to remain calm in the time of troublesome circumstances, we are able to focus on the things we should. Meditation helps in increasing the retention power of your brain and so when you are studying your brain can grasp new concepts well. Listening to ‘Binaural waves’ music also helps in relaxing your brain cells, hence making them more aware of the moment. Meditating 10-15 minutes daily can help you achieve composure.

  1. Keep Away Social Distractions

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat could be your biggest enemies while studying. A ping here and a notification there, and you don’t even realize that you’ve spent all your time refreshing your news-feed. So, make sure whenever you are studying, you keep your phone switched off. Make sure you study in a noise free room. Tell your siblings or parents not to disturb you while studying. If it helps you, try to study in a library, not only would the environment motivate you to concentrate better, but you would be able to find resources to help you in studying as well.

  1. Focus on One Subject at a Time

Rather than dividing your attention and trying to cover 5 topics in an hour, try to take one topic at a time. True you may think that a certain topic wouldn’t require as much time, however, it is always better to cover a single topic at once rather than coming back to it later on. So, if you have planned on memorizing all the definitions from all 5 chapters in under an hour, try to study one whole chapter thoroughly instead. This way you would be able to concentrate on one topic better.

  1. Stay Healthy

Eat good food, take a balanced diet and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily. A healthy mind enhances our learning capacity. Do not skip your meals for the fear of not being able to finish your study material in time. Being careless about your health would seem like a viable move at that time, however, it is bound to have detrimental impacts on your ability to concentrate later on.

You may even take small breaks if you have been studying continuously for many hours. Sometimes if you are feeling drowsy or bored, taking a 20-minute nap, listening to a song or eating sweets and tamarindo candies can always lift your spirits. However, do make sure that these breaks are limited to 10-15 minutes.

Reward yourself for covering course material with these short breaks, and punish yourself by skipping these breaks for not completing topics on time. This way your mind will automatically get trained to increase your rewards and eliminate punishments. That’s the reason why staying healthy and taking short breaks is important to improve your concentration.

I am sure that by going through these tips you are bound to improve your concentration while studying. These tips are not only restricted to studying but can also be used in carrying out any office related task later in life as well.


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