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‘The key is in not spending time, but in investing it’- Stephen R. Covey

Students aspiring for Civil Services Exam are always advised to invest their time, judiciously. Vast syllabus and limited time at hand will anyways leave lesser a choice for the candidates who are dedicatedly preparing for the examination. And now, with the preliminary stage of the exam scheduled in just a couple of months, i.e., June 2nd, 2019, aspirants must be anxiously contemplating as to when is the right time to begin preparation for Civil Services Prelims 2019, and how. Do not worry, team IAS Educator has your back!

Our team of Subject Matter Experts, from the Civil Services Fraternity, will answer this question along with sharing analysis on top 5 most trusted academies, and how they can help you effectively prepare for the Preliminary stage, within the given time.

The right time to start dedicated preparation – To be honest, for a coveted dream like Civil Services, anytime is a good time to start preparing. But when we are talking about the examination scheduled in around 5 months, it is already high time you must start your preparation, full-fledged. With sincere efforts and dedication, it is possible to effectively cover the entire syllabus within this span and secure a good rank.

Wondering where to start from?

If you haven’t already memorised, grab your copy of UPSC’s syllabus for Civil Services Examination and give it a thorough read. Make sure that you are able to understand what the topics are and in what depths does each subject demand to be studied.

You must start with an integrated preparation strategy but pay special attention to the Prelims part of the syllabus, as the focus is Prelims as of now!

For students, who are already preparing for the examination, it is expected that you have already completed studying the NCERTs by now and start giving time to Prelims specific preparation, but in case you are beginning your preparation just now, do not get disheartened and buck up. Talking practically, you must complete your NCERT’s and other standard books recommended for Civil Services Exam preparation at the most by mid of March 2019. In this case, we strongly suggest going for a professional help via short-term courses that will aid your entire preparation in the specific regard to cracking India’s toughest Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019.

Why enrol for Prelims Short Term Course? Simply because-

  1. With 5 months in hand, it is an absolute necessity that this period is most effectively used and taking professional guidance will only be a smart move.
  2. Subject experts heading the batch will strategize your preparation journey with set priorities to cover the entire syllabus, effectively.
  3. Prelims Special batches involve regular practice tests, classroom discussions, Test Series to assess the preparation and lot more.
  4. Current affairs classes are also organised separately, for students to understand how to deal with it in terms of UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  5. Special doubt sessions are held at regular intervals to ward off unnecessary fears from the students’

These were just some of the benefits a Prelims Short Term Course will aid your preparation journey, with. But once, you are actually a part of the batch, you will be able to benefit from the classroom sessions on even broader terms.

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What professional guidance must you choose from?

Initially, if you look at the curriculum of any academy offering you Prelims Short Term batches, you will find major similarities, for, the purpose is same – Prelims Exam preparation. But choosing from the available options is a task that will need a keen study of how the Academy has been doing in their past results and the number of success stories in Civil Services. On basis of a detailed analysis, we have found some academies that can provide the best prelims preparation guidance, in Delhi, and following are the names –

  1. Chanakya IAS Academy One of the leading names in the Civil Services coaching, Chanakya IAS Academy claims to have given around 4000 Civil Servants to the Nation, with around 355+ in CSE 2017. The academy has been providing an array of courses to aid every stage of the Civil Services Examination under expert guidance. Recently, Chanakya IAS Academy has announced their Prelims Special Batch in all their Delhi branches, dedicated to preparing for Civil Services Prelims 2019. The course will focus on covering the entire CSE Prelims syllabus along with special focus on the current affairs preparation. Students will get to benefit from regular classroom discussions, relevant study material provided by the Academy, experts’ advice on Prelims preparation along with solving previous year papers and Prelims Test Series to assess and rectify the entire preparation. Click here to get more details! The academy is launching the batches at its 3 centres in Delhi, viz; south Delhi, North Delhi and Rajendra Students can call them for details. For south Delhi: 9971989980, For North Delhi: 9811671844, For Rajendra Nagar: 9990657711.
  2. Dhyeya IAS Another trusted name in the field of Civil Services Exam preparation, Dhyeya IAS provides various courses to cover all the stages of the Civil Services Examination, i.e. Prelims, Mains & the Interviews. Academy has not yet announced their Prelims Short term course, but soon they shall have viable options for students to select from. Stay tuned to their website, for more details on their upcoming courses and other details or call them on 011-49274400.
  3. Drishti IAS Alike Dhyeya IAS, Drishti has also not announced their prelims Short term course yet, but we can expect a notification soon. The academy is one of the most trusted IAS preparation coaching amongst Hindi Medium students and with bi-lingual web access, the academy allows a huge number of students to benefit from their expert guidance and study material. Stay tuned to Drishti IAS’ official website for more details or call them on 1800-121-6260
  4. Vision IAS Another trusted IAS Academy, Vision IAS is also organising GS Prelims crash course for Civil Services Prelims 2019 to be commenced from December 18th, 2018. The Prelims Special Batch will focus on helping aspirants prepare for and increase their score in General Studies Paper 1. An interactive course, the batch will also have regular classroom discussions, practice tests, and students will be provided with relevant study material for the purpose of revision. Get more details from their official website or call them at +918468022022
  5. Vajiram & Ravi The coaching institution has announced a new batch for CSAT (Prelims Paper II) to be commenced from January 18th, 2019. Their upcoming batch is focused on effective preparation and completion of Paper II of the Civil Services Prelims 2019 and students will get to clarify all their doubts through regular classroom discussions. Get more information from their official website or call them at (011) 25820000.

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