Clear Prelims 2019 in 1st Attempt with these 6 Must Read Books 1

As we are reaching to the Prelims 2019, it’s time to look back to the Best books for CSE Prelims– the most important ones – that helped thousands of IAS aspirants for their Prelims examination paper 1(GS) & Paper 2 (CSAT).
Prep for Prelims
Coming to Paper 1(GS), it’s of 200 marks, and most importantly, its performance is not counted for the merit rank in prelims. But that doesn’t mean you push it to the corner and forget about it. You are very well required to qualify this paper and score at least 33%, AT LEAST. Due to its qualifying nature, most of the students often neglect it. DON’T.
Devote a couple of hours every day for your speed and accuracy, and most importantly, do not forget to read NCERT books to develop a stronger base of knowledge. Besides, practice solving previous years’ papers and keep reading Newspaper every day, read the important articles and make important notes to keep yourself abreast of current affairs, which is a most important part of the preparation process for Civil Services exam.

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We wish all the aspirants good luck for their prelims 2019/2020 preparation.
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